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eBRF 2002
e-Business Research Forum

The eBRF Way

eBRF 2002 encourages presentations on work-in-progress, rather than completed research. At the conference, presentations are commented by session chairmen, and participating colleagues. Presenters will be asked to send their presentation summary to their session chairmen before the presentation. As a unique feature of eBRF 2002, business practitioners with situations corresponding to research at hand will be invited as case discussants where applicable. Also representatives of research financers will be invited to follow the events and take part in the discourse.

eBRF 2002 seeks to add value to the researcher's often lonely process via "border-crossing" collegial attention. The most promising works-in-progress will be awarded in the conference. After the conference, authors have until year-end to complete their papers for publication in FeBR 2002.

eBRF 2002 entertains a broad multidisciplinary approach to conceptualizing and defining "the new-new” e-business. The core mission of the conference is to set directions and visions of future for this rich and emerging field of study – in the dark of the post-hype era. The traditional approaches to e-business are supplemented by looking at the phenomenon through four different windows or lenses:

  • Efficiency: New forms and ways of increasing output and decreasing input in different processes and functions in both private and public sector entities
  • Engagement: new forms and ways of strategic partnering, networking and trading, industry and macro level perspectives on changing value-chains and networks
  • Entrepreneurship: New forms and ways of doing business and generating profits, new concepts for empowering people -- and for building and growing a business
  • Ethics: The profound moral, legal, and security concerns related to all the new forms and ways of doing business in the information society