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1.What is eBRC?
2.What is eTampere?
3.Where is eBRC located?
4.What does eBRC offer to a researcher?
5.What is required to become an eBRC Business Partner?
6.How eBRC’s projects are financed?

1. What is eBRC?

eBRC is one of the eTampere’s six subprograms concentrating academic e-business research and development projects in a cooperation with researcher, business and financer partners.

More information about eBRC you find here.

2. What is eTampere?

eTampere programme, a five-year development project costing 130 million euros, opened the new millennium. Its general objective is to make Tampere a global leader in the research, development and application of issues related to the Information Society. The programme focuses on three themes: 1. Public online services will be developed and made available to all residents. 2. The knowledge base of research and training will be strengthened. 3. New business related to the Information Society will be generated. These themes consist of seven modules: The Information Society Institute, the eBRC, the Research and Evaluation Laboratory RELab, the eAccelerator, Engine programmes, Infocity, the eTampere office

eTampere programme is strongly linked with the business strategy of the Tampere Urban Region and the province development strategy. The programme will be carried through in close co-operation with the Tampere Region centre of expertise programme. There is also an interface to the Hervanta EU project for improving the Information Society skills of citizens.

The European model for eTampere is the eEurope programme launched in December 1999. For eEurope, the eTampere undertaking will provide an extensive and possibly the first local application. Where eEurope builds the Information Society for an entire continent, eTampere builds the future welfare of Tampere citizens.

More information about eTampere

3. Where is eBRC located?

The management of the eBRC is located at the Tampere University of Technology.

Tampere University of Technology
Korkeakoulunkatu 7 B 11
P.O.Box 541
FIN-33101 Tampere, Finland

Contact information

4. What does eBRC offer to a researcher?

eBRC brings information to researchers about the ongoing research projects in their strength areas and is a partner with whom to establish new projects. eBRC helps researchers find funding to the projects and if the researcher so chooses, eBRC coordinates the project. eBRC gathers right partners, both research and business partners, to every project and offers kick-off funding to the most promising projects.

eBRC offers its partners many ways to get connected with other players in the e-business field. A researcher can discuss with researchers in eBRC’s discussion forum and meet them face to face in the annual e-Business Research Forum. In the eBRF researchers can present and discuss their work in progress and create new ways and means of co-operation. eBRC offers also channels to publish e-business related research in Frontiers of e-Business Research (the conference proceedings) and e-Business Research Journal (a new e-based academic journal).

There are many other services offered to eBRC’s research partners, for example a researcher can loan a video projector and a lap top with it, use eBRC’s slide template etc.

5. What is required to become an eBRC Business Partner?

eBRC serves all kinds of companies, regardless of the size, line of business or sector (public vs. private). To become our Business Partner, you need go to the this link and fill in the required information.

6. How eBRC’s projects are financed?

Each project is funded on a case-by-case basis. In an ideal situation, both business entities and research financers participate.

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